15. August 2019

Proffix Swiss Bike Cup – Rivera

Ready steady go! How could you better start the season than with a podium? I felt good and the muddy and slippery conditions were quite beneficial for me. Nevertheless, I didn’t expect to finish the first XC race 2019 with a win.

I don’t know why but in the days before the competition I was very calm and relaxed. That really surprised me. Usually I’m always extremely nervous before the start of the season and ask myself a lot of quite self-doubting questions. How strong am I? Have I trained enough, invested enough? Have I been sick too often? Have the others done more than me? Wait, STOP it! What the “others” have done or seem to have done shouldn’t affect that much! Social media often only tells half true stories of the real life! You can see a lot of posts from training camps, from beautiful tours, from hard trainings and great results. Everything always seems to be great. But is that really true? From my own experience I know, life isn’t always perfect and not always the way you would like it. So, what shall we do? Social media is good and interesting platform to connect people all over the world. But I guess it often doesn’t tell the whole truth. To be honest: Everyone prefers to post a picture with a smile on their face, rather than one with tears in their eyes. I think it’s important to know that no life is perfect and that everyone has their ups and downs. It’s just a pity, that on social media you often only can read about the heights of people’s life. During the past months and years, I had to learn how to trust more in myself and less to watch what others are doing.

Yes, I have been ill a few times and yes, I still ask myself these questions sometimes. But that’s the athlete in me, I guess. The athlete who always wants to achieve more and believe that it still wasn’t enough. I think that’s a common thing under athletes that want to achieve their goals. The start in Rivera was different for me, then the starts in the past years. I felt good and I knew it. I didn’t put on me too much pressure, nor did I ask any self-doubting questions. I was just happy. Happy to race again. During the race, I hardly made technical mistakes, had to run rarely and always have been fully focused. Thus, after my rather bad start, I’ve overtaken athlete by athlete. I finally finished the race in 4th place Elite Women and 1st place U23. Happy me!

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