Proffix Swiss Bike Cup – Lugano, Carona

Wow, how fast it went! On Sunday the last race of my season 2018 took place in Ticino. The racecourse is actually not the most difficult one. But you always have to be focused and concentrated. It’s not as easy on that track. There are steep and long uphills, as well as many obstacles and curves.
I felt fit and motivated even I didn’t train that intensive the last two weeks. I really enjoyed the recovery weekend before in Mergozzo (IT). Driving over Alpine pass roads without bikes this time. It was just my father, me and our oldtimer car. So, I stood there on Sunday at the starting line without perfect preparations, without perfect conditions. But how perfect does the preparation, the environment, the conditions have to be in order to get the best performance?
I won my first Swiss bike cup race 2014 in Montsevelier as an U17 rider. I will never forget this race because the preparation was far from «perfect». I have been in 9th class close before school graduation. The party of our class actually took place just one day before the national race. Of course, I have been just in U17 category, but the race as well as the celebration was very important for me. Such a school graduation is only once in a lifetime. So, I decided to go to the party and celebrate. The next day I stood at the starting line in Montsevelier, as relaxed as I’ve never been before a race. With only 3 hours of sleep I stood there, without pressure, without expectations, without perfect preparation. When the starting signal sounded, I started, drove on, drove faster and won. So, what does it mean, the word “perfect”?
A loud “Peng” sounded and the U23 women and elite riders started. At the long start climb I was able to keep up. I had power, was motivated and quickly found my rhythm. So, I was more or less the whole race on position 8 or 7. I caught up the Luxembourgian girl in front of me in the downhills. But unfortunately, she was too strong in the ascents. In the fourth lap I got less and less power left in my legs. I took some speed out and suffered through the fifth and final lap. After 1h 44min the race was finally finished. It was long and hard, but I pulled it through. The final result was 8th in the Elite and 3rd in the U23. A really great final for that year. After this long, physically and mentally hard season, I’m off for vacation soon. More information will follow.

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