Break finished – Training started

About four weeks with no training are behind me. It was quite hard to do a break after my great performance at the last race in Lugano. However, exactly this break was necessary to recover myself after this long season and to get new energy.

In the first week freeriding and hiking was in the program. Since a long time, it was my desire to do a multi-day hike tour together with my mom. We finally did a three-day hike through the Glarus Alps. This experience has been just great. We hiked from one alp hut to another, and we really enjoyed the gorgeous panoramic views. For me the Alps are so powerful. It is so calm and relaxing but at the same time, I get so much energy back up there. Souvenir from this trip were beautiful landscapes, new friendships and some blisters on the feet.

After that, it was time for me to go to Ecuador. After four years, I finally finished my apprenticeship in the end of July. I will start working in an office again at the beginning of November. That is why I wanted to do some «real holidays» before, without my bike and without training. Therefore, I booked a trip, a trip into an adventure. I flew from Zurich to Quito (capital of Ecuador) where I started my Galapagos adventure. For about one week, I travelled with eight other voyagers. I experienced a lot on these three islands: San Cristobal, Santa Cruz and Isla Isabella. The wildlife there is just incredibly varied. While snorkelling I saw sharks, turtles, octopus, seahorses and many colourful fish. Back on the island, I sunbathed with the sea lions on the beach, plucked fresh guavas from the trees while hiking on the (active) volcano or enjoyed a refreshing caipirinha at the beach bar. Unfortunately, the time over there has gone too fast. Then I spent another two days in Quito and three more days in Guayaquil. That was not so much fun. It was a bit uncomfortable for me to get out on the streets. Bright skin and long blond hair are not daily for the locals. People stared at me, whistled or called after me. Furthermore, most of them cannot speak English. So, very difficult to talk to somebody, if you cannot speak Spanish. Because I travelled alone, I did not dare to go out in the evening. I also booked especially good quality hotel rooms. Nevertheless, you do not get to know anyone in that single hotel room. Better would be a hostel where you share the room with other young travellers. There it is easier to get in touch with other people. Well, you learn from mistakes. My highlight, the Galapagos adventure has been great and was definitely worth it. As a gift for my 20th birthday, I could fly back form Guayaquil to Zurich in the business-class. Another highlight and a great end of my journey.

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