World Championships – Lenzerheide

It is definitely not easy to describe this unique experience in this short review. About 65’000 people made this event special. Young and old people as well, cheered for the athletes as loud as they could. Cowbells, saws, megaphones and whistles. Everything has been used.

I already arrived on Thursday, 30th of August to get used to the high altitude. I trained an enjoyed the calm before the storm. On Monday then Lenzerheide began to get alive. More and more people arrived in the village above Chur. And I realized, now it’s getting serious! On Wednesday and Thursday, Switzerland already won the first (gold) medals. On Friday the race of the U23 Women, my race took place. I felt ready, well prepared and motivated. Motivated to suffer. The start was extremely hard. A very long and exhausting climb just at the beginning. I was at my absolute limit. I finally found my rhythm after the first two laps. I Unfortunately got picked up by the 80% rule after my 5th lap. The top riders were that fast, that only 24 riders were allowed to do all six laps. Even though I didn’t reach my goals with that 30th place, the experience has just been unbelievable.

I waited and trained so long for that event. I was so looking forward to it. And now? It passed already. That’s how fast things went sometimes.

The last race (Proffix Swiss Bike Cup in Lugano, Carona) of my season will take place on 23rd of September. This before my training break will start soon.


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